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by 御手洗


Might as well keep it going, More art from the first Persona (Revelations: Persona) on PSX

Reblogging again with some translations, obviously these might not be 100% accurate.

Favorite color is blue
Likes to listen to classical music while reading/writing
Has 1s on his underwear?
Reads President and Newsweek magazines

Favorite color is brown
Apparently digs Fujiko Mine
Likes curry and hamburgers
Likes a magazine called Bonbon
His blood type is 4A-G, but he explains that it’s actually O
His family consists of his ultra mom and dad and the “ultra king”
His hobby is being the Persona Wonderful Bomber
He relaxes by patrolling something ??

Favorite food is chicken combo
Favorite color is yellow
Likes street fashion
Calls his dad Oyaji
His mom buys all his underwear for him
Oh year!
He’s a cancer or “a crab guy”

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